Dear Jobseeker,

The traditional internet job scam works by approaching an unsuspecting individual with a job offer, which looks as if it has been sent by or on behalf of a well-known company. Over a period of time these scam artists have become smarter and they now send mails, messages or call claiming to represent well known job portals or employers after creating websites which use domain names similar to these job portals or employers, in some cases they even use names of employees of the organisations that they falsely claim to represent.

Examples of such emails are:

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

Example 5

Example 6

Example 7

Example 8

Example 9

Example 10


Some of pointers which might be helpful in identifying a fake job offer could be:
  1. It is not necessary that all offers that come your way over the phone call or even in person are genuine: PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHILE DEALING WITH THESE!
  2. Ask for the name of the employer/location and then contact the employer directly, seek a clarification and proceed only if you are completely satisfied.
    1. Almost every employer now has a website. Search online about the company name, read about their hiring policies. If they are fraudsters, most likely you would not be the first among their victims.
  3. A dead giveaway of any fraudulent job offer is asking for money. Money may be asked for in the garb of travel costs, immigration costs, visa costs etc.
    1. Naukri doesn't encourage this at all. Paying money in return of getting a job means you are participating in the scam, avoid it!
    2. Anyone who guarantees a job in return of money is either giving you a false promise or indulging in an illegal act. PLEASE DO NOT ENCOURAGE THEM BY PARTICIPATING IN THESE!
  4. They require you to reply 'urgently', or 'without delay' to an offer 'without telling others about this exclusive opportunity'.
  5. You receive an offer from a reputed employer which you don't remember contacting or applying for a job opportunity.
  6. A scam may also be designed in a manner that may look like a commission based compensation structure.
  7. You find obvious grammatical errors and misspellings in the mailer body or subject lines.
  8. They appear to have very relaxed hiring policies. You suspect, everyone who applied to a job, has received an offer.
  9. Follow your instincts. If a 'job offer' is too good to be true, it probably is.
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Dear Jobseeker,

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